Jazz Anchor

Jazz Anchor is a Belgian formation of Manten Van Gils with co-founder and guitar player Peter Verbraken. Both Peter and Manten have composed and arranged music to fit in this unusual but very tasteful combination of instruments. Influences of Joe Pass, Phil Abraham, Chet Baker...

The band name is linked to the city of Mechelen and its brewery 'Anker', but also refers to the cooperation with other performers, or to locations where we'll throw out the anchor!

Jazz Anchor is expandable to a trio (with double bass), to a quartet (with double bass and drums) and even to a quintet (with an extra horn).

New! 2017 Live trio recordings

We did some fine gigs with a bass player, and made a couple of new recordings!

Broken Bones - Composition: Manten Van Gils

Passology - Composition: Peter Verbraken

What Adam Told to Eve - Composition: Manten Van Gils

La Salvaje - Composition: Manten Van Gils

  • Trombone: Manten Van Gils
  • Guitar: Peter Verbraken
  • Bass: Mario Vermandel

  • Recording engineer: Joren Cautaers - mixing: Egon Loosveldt

2015 Duo recordings

The kick-off recordings

Joy Spring - Composition: Clifford Brown

She Touches - Composition: Manten Van Gils

You're my Everything - Composition: Harry Warren

  • Trombone: Manten Van Gils
  • Guitar: Peter Verbraken

  • Recording&mixing engineer: Tom De Rons


Feel free to ask any information you need regarding our music and the different options we can offer for all kinds of occasions.

  • Address

    Doornenstraat 32
    2800 Mechelen
  • Phone

    +32 472 70 10 74
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